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Rip I wrote so much about how and why I like the ocean and the other things of I like I wrote a one liners

Twitter: @jeazeks

i feel like i was hit by several ocean liners this morning

Twitter: @sierrabinondo

That singer Dido is probably HUGE in Iceland but not so popular on ocean liners. #wewillgodownwiththisship #tacotuesday #openbarALLnight

Twitter: @ElManoG13

“..passenger lists of luxury ocean liners were chronicled in gossip columns and scoured by young girls searching for eligible bachelors.."

Twitter: @abvn

"If we'd stuff people in the 'Queen Mary 2' like passengers into airplane seats, it could transport >500 000 people"

Twitter: @matjahu

@WSHHDaiIy It's a device for crimping the pointy end into ocean liners.

Twitter: @Underdogsbiteup