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@Jessdev2 I wish I received surprise visits from Jess DeVito in my office...........

Twitter: @Ashleeyyg26

How would you like to make LESS visits to the MD's office? Chiropractic is a holistic, gentle, and effective...

Twitter: @Family1st_Chiro

@missyfanshaw Ms. Guth's class visits the school office in search of The Gingerbread Man. #FindingClues.

Twitter: @TerryGuth2

Matt Newton from NH Film Office visits TV classes. The plate was used in "Breaking Bad". #CollegeAndCareerReady

Twitter: @LHS_KRobinson

When Halloween Candy makes its debut in the office in September, you know you're going to have to schedule a few more visits to the gym šŸŽƒ

Twitter: @NATegories

I was having a case of "the Mondays" until I read an email from the Surgeon General's office thanking us for puttingā€¦

Twitter: @Margaretworking