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Chillin at this doctors office #HealthyAF

Twitter: @Matt_Berns_

RT @schwa: As a futurist I feel I need to tell you that in 2015 the internet will be overloaded and destroyed by run-away “out of office” r…

Twitter: @damicosimone

Love is coming home to your husband turning the spare room into a study/office for you to do your school work in 💜

Twitter: @dakotaskyee4

The counseling office makes me so mad like stop making me jump through hoops to switch into a class that I auditioned for and made?!?

Twitter: @alisepatton

Can't wait to become CEO and have my own shower in my office so bae can come thru on lunch breaks. Listen...💦💦💦

Twitter: @MyzPrettyInPink

I swear I feel like I stay in the doctors office.

Twitter: @minusthepretty