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Oil Industry on twitter
RT @theSNP: FM reminds chamber (the industry figure) that there is up to 24billion barrels of oil left in the North Sea. #FMQ

Twitter: @coyjim

RT @01CindyLee: Stockwell Day plans to profit on oil sands.

Twitter: @albertarabbit

Apparently there's a really pro-solar @citigroup report circling around out there:

Twitter: @robertjbennett

RT @doranb: Tried some pretty terrific Calif olive oil from @NuvoOliveOil tonight. Very promising for a nascent industry.

Twitter: @NuvoOliveOil

"It is a huge national advantage having such a brilliant oil and gas industry" David Cameron 13 Oct 11. I agree :-) @YesVoteScots @YesKelvin

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@sarahwilson0102 @AlisonC1988 oil is the past anyway

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