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Do you want to pay them back? Cut-off all help right now, specially oil shipments & send them back like a package w/ a DO NOT RETURN label!

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Qua oil loadings to fall, helping ease glut Shipments of Nigeria’s largest crude stream will fall by a third in...

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Nigerian Qua oil loadings to fall, helping ease glut: LONDON (Reuters) - Shipments of Nigeria's largest crude ...

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@cecijan Interesting story on the OW case: Have you got 2 mins? +4525456414

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Tax tanker shipments and oil-by-rail the same - Smarter Government Washington via @smartergovwa

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@StrangerThnRedz @Nervana_1 @MAFouad Yes and No.See Iran's shipments of oil to Japan,South Korea,China and India as evidence for the pain

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