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RT @ChrisPalmerNBA: CFB Final Four: FSU, Bama, Oregon, TCU. Book it.

Twitter: @BigDupt

@stepbron if Oregon runs rest of table they will go 2 sec teams then next highest ranked team will get it cuz big ten is horrible thisyear

Twitter: @joshdaltn

There are two different candidates on my ballot that are listed as both Dem & Rep...Gotta love local politics #Oregon #Election2014

Twitter: @LindsaySpell

RT @mandym79: We just got an entire bar in Oregon to sing along to @joshabbottband #OhTonight and then got a round of Jell-o-shots! 🎉🎉

Twitter: @joshabbottband

RT @ESPNCFB: Oregon QB Marcus Mariota leads FBS in Yds per att, TD-INT & Total QBR

Twitter: @bjforsythe

Power been out for 6 hours now... You'd think being a fucking power company in Oregon that'd be a little more prepared... Get it together...

Twitter: @Kid_Named_Joey

Oregon Books
Love You Forever
Robert Munsch, $0.01
Guess How Much I Love You
Sam McBratney, $3.69
The Going-To-Bed Book
Sandra Boynton, $1.85