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[cont'd] ... what with all the harvesting for black market organ transplants I've been getting up to in my off hours; don't ya know?

Twitter: @Karataratakus

@BankersDidIt Crikey! Organ transplants R also very lucrative, specially 'freely-cultivated?' But then, lotsa dead required 4 harvesting?

Twitter: @LurgiUrgi

Organ transplants do not work that way. #Grisaia

Twitter: @lvlln

I think I know at least six people who have had successful organ transplants in the last decade. The world is a...

Twitter: @farmwife

LPT: organ transplants are best left to professionals.

Twitter: @ldh_know

@JusticeWillett @sugaree71 I know science teachers who say that movie is to climate studies what Frankenstein is for organ transplants.

Twitter: @crossland68

Organ Transplants Books
Biomedical Research: Volume 72
Applied Research Press, $161.73