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I don't mind staying at work longer since the weather isn't so nice. Plus overtime pay. Woooo!!

Twitter: @HeyItsGN

Correction, I get to work Saturday! Love that overtime pay!

Twitter: @Fritchardson

MT @englishexplaind SOFTEN THE BLOW = make something less painful: "I had to work all weekend but the overtime pay softened the blow."

Twitter: @TransparentESL

Doing overtime seems pointless sometimes after the amount of tax you pay 😡😡

Twitter: @tomcampion1

After typed and did brainstorm for almost 12 hours my whole body is not mine anymore. Worked overtime again. No, no extra pay.

Twitter: @RockVica

Soon will be making more than enough money and only working that 8-4 like overtime pay for regular hours

Twitter: @Aimed4Success