Topic: Overtime Pay
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Overtime Pay on twitter
Official: Obama to push for more overtime pay - Washington Post

Twitter: @MikeBuryGojfl

Yes moto! Loving overtime pay

Twitter: @Beth_louise_95

Wish I had some overtime for this pay check

Twitter: @_Kevin_The_Dude

My pay is shite, basic wage ugh why did I get loads of overtime after the cut off date

Twitter: @_hollywatson

Clocking overtime on Monday. Pay week already started for my next check and I'm already at 36.5 hours. Yea I'm gettin this paper homie .!

Twitter: @Jamel_Mommy

@babiesonfiree it depends all on you if you work hard overtime is raised by double . but starting pay is 15$ just for answering calls.

Twitter: @CVCHXRS