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@tim_cook @AngelaAhrendts as a full time genius, my last pay check, with overtime and holiday pay was $1070. Please pay us a real wage.

Twitter: @SwapJockey

Looking at rims for a golf and deciding I need to get a lot of overtime in to pay for it all. I want it bought customed and done for chrimbo

Twitter: @bartmanjtg

My boss just told me that I worked too much overtime and they cant afford to pay me all of the time I worked overtime 😥😥

Twitter: @Shim_ShimHae

I have to work a double tomorrow...Only said yes because I will get overtime & holiday pay. 😏😍

Twitter: @Paul_Michitsch

LinkedIn pays nearly $6M in unpaid overtime wages and damages to 359 employees following US Labor Department... :

Twitter: @AmericanDRecord

@JordynHadden Overtime pay 🙋🙋

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