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This hoe STAY hanging out at the VA hospital tryna pick up men on dialysis wit oxygen tanks & chit. Lol #TheChitAB!tchWillDoForARx&Rent$

Twitter: @BridgetteJM1

All 7billion Earthlings flash-mob Mars; no one brings oxygen tanks. #LameApocalypses @midnight

Twitter: @WoolyWoolhouse

@_mariachristy il let you have one of my oxygen tanksπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Twitter: @BrittanyBroadwa

Yesterday I wake up from a noise and look & see my neighbors house on fire. I guess they had oxygen tanks in their house and they exploded.

Twitter: @Mynameisannao_

Judy had 700 volunteers. (Most with walkers and oxygen tanks) #wpg14 #wpgvotes #wpgpoli

Twitter: @tbird204

my mom has like a hospital bed and oxygen tanks in her room and that just makes me think she's dying

Twitter: @OrtegaJazmin_