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@Coreycaylen I'd take a $20 parking permit over paying close to 10k a year + a $45 fee for a parking permit any day. 😒😔

Twitter: @allybancroft_

#MenOfPoetry2015 april 24 @ 6pm cst this event is free to the public an 8.00 parking fee will apply hosted by...

Twitter: @musicandmorevip

@BaltoSpectator @bosconet and at parties that celebrate the privatization of free public space for a fee

Twitter: @bremmore

Had to pay the parking fee as we crossed the 15 minute drop-off time limit while they were sorting out their "differences" #chennaiairport

Twitter: @VibesPrakash

The parking attendant waiving my fee is sadly the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me.

Twitter: @catherinemaldo

or pay the fucking fee and guess what you won't get a parking ticket