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Farewell to @NickPinkerton and @_subarashii who owe me approximately $125 CDN in parking fees

Twitter: @brofromanother

RT @RAINPTY: How To Combat Multiplaza Parking Fees

Twitter: @ptylife

Don't get fleeced on your next hotel stay. Get these fees removed in advance:

Twitter: @LarocheLowell90

Making people pay £5.20 parking fees to vist a #NHS hospital is nothing more than rip-off-UK, #corporations / #trusts pocket the cash

Twitter: @DrNHS

Portland police officer under internal investigation for repeatedly skirting parking fees - A Portland...

Twitter: @GeneralInjustic

AND THEN, the parking fees is gonna be WTH. Oh, not to mention the customary RM300 fees for towing services.

Twitter: @dianaradzz