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Paternity Test Tuesday 12 3 13: Black Comics Gone Wild reports Paternity Test Tuesday 12 3…

Twitter: @amazin_picture

Phil Wife been up having a affair all way n Mexico & he wants a paternity test on their youngest #Scandal she dk if it's he's either #SMDH

Twitter: @fantastic_touch

@Twenty1Pirates shoot if that is the case he will need a paternity test tbh

Twitter: @FroganMeeman

If I looked almost identical to a celebrity, I swear I'd ask for a paternity test

Twitter: @_LilSusie

Just heard a ten year old yell "hurry up dumb ass!" to his little brother and now I'm worried I'll be asked to take a paternity test.

Twitter: @charmingbastard

I'm pretty sure Ava can get a paternity test now #GH

Twitter: @bigbrotherbubba