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@NickEhlers01 @harmon03 @ZwithR @jrlikeswhisky @bradproud friend texted me she got a fax in office about employee paternity test result. Eek

Twitter: @weedgirl24

The Dirty Dirty: LAHHA Turns Up The Drama, Kirk Makes Baby Take Paternity Test & more! (Video) /\

Twitter: @Djyasminyoung

This lady said she had twins that hated each other so she got a paternity test done😂✋ lmao so dumb.

Twitter: @LjCovell

This Spurs and Heat game got niggas more nervous than a paternity test.

Twitter: @KatherinAdrian

@cwotd have you heard of the radio show paternity test tuesday? Its hilarious.

Twitter: @JonesTink

High school pal just announced he is now a grandaddy but he had his son get a paternity test and so now he can announce the baby. WTF?

Twitter: @blackgirlinmain

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