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Cisco cuts John Chambers’s pay after missing sales, profit targets

Twitter: @livemint

More cuts to pay pay for increased security. So now we will have to pay for having our freedoms taken away for our own good. What bullshit

Twitter: @YosefAlbric

Save Australia via Don't look at this page Lets just take money away from education to pay for war, let's take...

Twitter: @hempy_hunnytung

Hockey signals more budget cuts need to be made to pave way for new defence, security spending. #ISIS budget crisis

Twitter: @ZacMatthz

RT @CllrBSilvester: 62% believe low earners pay too much tax #UKIP say tax on min wage and inheritance tax should be abolished. #VoteUKIP h…

Twitter: @paulwheeler278

It kind of sucks to see Brady take pay cuts to help bring in more talent, and instead loses talent, and gets nothing in return.

Twitter: @__MartinCZ__

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