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@IFTTT Thanks for the reply and help. Service is awesome! Any plans for a pay model to increase the poll? Free is awesome thought.

Twitter: @Ryan_Gallagher

Indiana workers' pay didn't keep pace with inflation last year seeing 0.8 percent increase in pay last year.

Twitter: @WTHRcom

Pay increase is this month my fone done attempt suicide, twice

Twitter: @Jjmccollin

Chipotle betting increase won't matter via @YahooNews <lot of criticism for 'integrity'

Twitter: @SlowMoneyFarm

Taking power naps during the day is how I live, yes you get a pay increase but I personally don't think it's worth it when you get no sleep

Twitter: @GreenDrinkSidy

Changing their pay won't change the global wealth inequality. Redistributing their pay might increase pay by $10

Twitter: @nikita_the_ber