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RT @How_Foundation: If women got equal pay for all the work they did. Thr wud 30% increase in GDP. Harpal Singh

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RT @poconofx: @ChrisStigall have to thank obama and Obama care for the over 5000 dollar pay cut this Christmas ( increase in our family ins…

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Why be Union? So you don't get shafted like this! Cuomo vetoes bill for M/C pay increase panel - Times Union

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@DailyYORKSHIRE In the meantime, fly tipping is on the increase. @VeoliaUK wil probably try to get @SheffCouncil to pay them to clean it up.

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"The ecconomy tanked but is it getting better.. I picked up a new project.. Interested?"..

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@peter_levy no to council tax increase. Already have to pay extra for garden refuse to be collected

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