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A virtual assistant saves the company considerable costs: no need for office space, no payroll tax or benefits, & no equipment to maintain.

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Here's some really interesting figures from ADP about Payroll costs. You can see the costs for smaller businesses...

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Out-of-control overtime costs NY municipality nearly $50k #payroll #time

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FULL STORY: Payroll costs, a huge portion of Hood Jr. High mercury cleanup price tag....

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We already have & it costs us more WAPO did a big story on how many pvt firms were doing intel community jobs & payroll staggerin @rovibe71

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@DrJamesReilly HSE costs ^ x 8 times in 12 yrs due to increased admin head count. Just like uni's eg payroll dept 4 v 1 in private sector

Twitter: @clive_hand_irl

Payroll Costs Books
Illinois Pension Scam
Bill Zettler, $8.61
Patrick M. Dunne, $30.91
Patrick M. Dunne, $237.53
Security Consulting, Third Edition
Charles A. Sennewald CPP, $40.00