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@Usockem Payroll taxes also increased in June. It's an onslaught. @folcaraj @PaulinAjax @MarkCheers @MillerGleann @WalterNehaul @BillTufts

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@Usockem @PaulinAjax @MarkCheers @MillerGleann @WalterNehaul @BillTufts all taxes are payroll taxes, they all affect your income equally

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@folcaraj @PaulinAjax @MarkCheers @MillerGleann @WalterNehaul @BillTufts Bottom line, no but you were discussing payroll taxes.

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Understand How to Pay Federal Income Taxes for Your #Nanny:

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Top HR Stats from 2014: Part 3 – Business Taxes & Payroll - Sentric, Inc.

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What your payroll supervisor should be doing right now!

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