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RT @FBIBoston: Payroll Services Company Owner Pleads Guilty to Diverting $1.2 Million in Employment Taxes Due the IRS: — Boston…

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which begs th equestion..r u retarded? coz only a retard, mentally fucking stupid, would send US jobs & payroll s when cutting taxes@PRyan

Twitter: @JohnBeechy

The Social Security wage base increases for 2015. via @aboutdotcom

Twitter: @AbtTaxPlanning

Pine Tree Zone Tax credits include up to 80% tax credit for corporate payroll taxes-that's corporate welfare! @noway90 @NRSmaine1

Twitter: @MackenziAmerica

Business Taxes, Payroll Taxes and Trust Fund Recovery Penalty #law

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Corporate taxbreak=Taxpayer Money out=Jobs,revenue from payroll taxes, property taxes/regulation taxes. welfare=Money OUT sales tax in.

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