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RT @JohnTirman: @hzomlot on Post-Oslo era. Brilliant. 1. Oslo process was designed to prevent an outcome of equitable peace. 1/3

Twitter: @hzomlot

@thetrueideas Don't BS! Viet Cong fire Bao Trai W.Saigon, JAN 1966 #Rohingya #Lies #Misleading #Propaganda #Muslims

Twitter: @KshatriyaMramma

The emerging peace ambassador will be called upon to represent the subtlety of an expanded truth process. James ODea

Twitter: @jamesodea

Zach Abuza on applicability of Mindanao peace process to S. Thailand

Twitter: @bbacani

RT @TheBorderNews1: Ghani invites Afghan Taliban to join peace process News | The Border News

Twitter: @islamudinsajid

Lectura Recomendada: The dogs bark in Colombia

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