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#News HATE CRIME: Black Attackers Use Pellet Gun, Tell Victim: ‘All White People Suck’: HATE CRIME: Blac... #TCOT

Twitter: @GOPBriefingRoom

Woman hit in head with pellet gun in alleged hate crime while walking through Central Park: police

Twitter: @Politics_Reddit

Anyone have a pellet gun I can borrow to snipe these annoying squirrels outside my window

Twitter: @AustinPowerz93

Maybe we should convert my basement to a mini golf course.... I used to have my pellet gun firing range.....

Twitter: @VincentArnoux

DAWN PATROL: Two Elgin High students charged with bringing pellet gun to school

Twitter: @dailyherald

@Yuffie_Yulan pellet gun, size 18's, mouse traps, cats, some dogs all depends on what you are comfortable with

Twitter: @GreatDaneUJ

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