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@Marcusburtonn you got a pellet gun??👀👀

Twitter: @atKeelo

Ques is...If the 12 yr old didn't have the pellet gun to begin with, would any of this have happened? Prob not

Twitter: @cocoaafrique

I don't mean to sound insensitive about the 12 year old boy who got shot, but there's no reason why a kid should have a pellet/fake gun

Twitter: @cocoaafrique

@AdelaiideB although it is sad, I read the young boy had a pellet gun on him... so I guess he was reaching for it to show them it's fake

Twitter: @cocoaafrique

"Don't worry, I have the safety on"- Mike talking about his pellet gun.

Twitter: @Vtopola

RT @PowKaPowBoom: Some days I feel like a pellet gun & others S&W 500.

Twitter: @kapur_naman

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