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Weighing the pros and cons of bringing the pellet gun to my apartment so I can harvest some of these tree rats from the porch.

Twitter: @TheRealJTT_

@SoundTommy it's a pellet gun. You live in Ireland. It's a pellet gun.

Twitter: @MarkJones6625

@shades_of_sylar /// neighbor's kid shot himself in the eye with a metal pellet gun. Blind in one eye. Darwin award winners, that family.

Twitter: @LostinJasper

@hannahmcleany my mum uses a pellet gun to keep me in line šŸ‘³šŸ”«šŸ”«šŸ˜µšŸ˜‚

Twitter: @SinghJuji

Nice pellet gun dumbass

Twitter: @CoryPharr

RT @PolicePoliceACP: Meanwhile in #Laredo TX, a man is shot to death 80x, family says he no longer has a face More: ā€¦

Twitter: @Newly_Conscious

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