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pellet gun squad was just mentioned in my khp class 😂

Twitter: @maaaaaaags_

@C2theJ yea you're gonna need Pellet gun and glue/mouse traps. They will continue to come back until dead. My friend came 17 straight days

Twitter: @Crawfo17

I want to shoot people from my window with a pellet gun... Tbh

Twitter: @CVRPExDIEM

RT @KarmaIsABitch76: "@RescueHelper: RSPCA appeal after cat shot by pellet gun in Wrexham @RSPCA_Official" FFS! What…

Twitter: @opurra

Police investigating pellet gun vandalism in Kentwood WWMT3

Twitter: @MichiganWest

Kentwood #Police #investigate pellet #gun damage to Rapid buses - Mar 26 @ 12:20 PM ET

Twitter: @PulpNews

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