Topic: Pepper Spray
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Pepper Spray on twitter
My mum put in for a license for me to get pepper spray. Anyone wanna put bets down on how long it will take me to accidentally mace myself?

Twitter: @rachelsmitts

RT @taylorswift13: I will always remember today as the day I cooked dinner, rubbed my eyes, and then learned that jalapeños are NATURE'S PE…

Twitter: @keshalucifer

"I'm gonna slow down on flirting with the ladies for a while" "Well that's gonna suck for anyone selling pepper spray"

Twitter: @Catfuller_5

@nkeki_ I'll pass down my pepper spray, to protect you, even when I can't be there

Twitter: @Mermaid_Morgan

RT @Madiferre: Also brought my knife by my mother's orders bc the school took away my pepper spray last year

Twitter: @z_snapdragons

I will pepper spray and cut a bitch please do play with me.

Twitter: @Divinee28