Topic: Pepper Spray
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Pepper Spray on twitter
My mom just told bail she's getting her pepper spray because so many people creep on her HAHA

Twitter: @ally_zabita

@IAreDick Was it a publicity stunt when I bought pepper spray for people with my own money? Are YOU out walking the streets?

Twitter: @drbadjen

@megandonovann why would you need pepper spray ?!

Twitter: @LukeEsposito

Of course the one time I would need my pepper spray ... I don't have it

Twitter: @megandonovann

@_petrella Tell Lenny to buy you a pepper spray!

Twitter: @kategallon

@TheLastWatcher You can have pepper spray or gas gun (9mm PAK) in Ger. Not same as CCW, I know, but still. @State_Control @MarciaCrocker01

Twitter: @_Montrala_