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Confidence is Beauty Beauty is Art Art is Performance Performance is Excellence.. M

Twitter: @fayazkh_fk

#LastRT I'm not sure I'd be surprised if Farage turned out to be a long-form performance art piece, or a group of squirrels in a human-suit.

Twitter: @froyoho

RT @Art_Fist: Art Fist: Maurice Carlin - Performance Poetry

Twitter: @marcasdom

RT @VancityJax: Am I the only one who thinks this whole #interviewmovie fiasco is all part of a @JamesFrancoTV performance art masterpiece?

Twitter: @ilovenickhornby

.@nationalxanthem what if Lana and Gaga are secretly friends and this Lo-fi feud they have going on is just one big performance art piece?


Great interview with Ryan Ballinger about his marathon running based performance art.

Twitter: @MrkAmery