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@SCowley75 @Sixteen2ndst @PhilLocrotondo -'s all around us! #Ihopeitfindsus

Twitter: @phillip_reese

@Sixteen2ndst @phillip_reese @PhilLocrotondo - Totally listening to The Samples' "Nature" in class to relate to Romantic Lit. #tbt

Twitter: @SCowley75

I fucked up... I should've started Phillip rivers

Twitter: @Drunk_Reese

@Pbay_A @cfloyd_33 @PreslieRay @_Callie_Renee_ @reese_lockhart @Ammo_Is_Me stay humble Phillip

Twitter: @andrewfmiller21

@Pbay_A @PreslieRay @_Callie_Renee_ @reese_lockhart @andrewfmiller21 @Ammo_Is_Me Phillip no one cares that you drop tanks

Twitter: @cfloyd_33

RT @_Chris_Ransom: My GHouse fam going to war today @AirricThePoet @DShhmackk @ImaHoundma @ThreeFivee @phillip_lion @LL_DSOL @Mr_MoaSmooth…

Twitter: @phillip_lion