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I was in 3 Armoured Division,Jos, when we received the news of Ibrahim Abacha's death via plane crash with other VIPs.

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Two Egyptian and two UAE military officers die in plane crash: CAIRO, Dec 17 (Reuters) - Two Egyptian military...

Twitter: @dlemirates

RT @AswatMasriya_En: #BREAKING Two #Egyptian and two #UAE military officers die in plane #crash - News - #Aswat_Masriya…

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RT @govindajeggy: Night Shymalan should write the story of Nigel Farage. The fud who survives a plane crash & changes his ways by becoming …

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@NijaEye Total oil CEO Christophe de Margerie killed in Moscow plane crash #NijaEyeGermany,#Nigeria

Twitter: @NijaEye

RT @BrianRScully: Lost my hairbrush so I used 3 Bic pens to comb my hair... I would have survived that soccer team plane crash in the Andes…

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