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me: carefully covers my ears with plastic wrap and protects my forehead with vaseline while dying my hair me: somehow gets dye onto my jaw

Twitter: @AssembledAnimal

There is enough plastic in the world to wrap the whole world in bubble wrap. Just one stat from today's confrrencr

Twitter: @10D_Ecotherapy

i took the plastic wrap off the dish & instead of throwing away the plastic i tossed the dish in the trash instead -me as a college student

Twitter: @moonlightlouis

Deals : 12" Impulse Heat Poly Bag Sealer Plastic Closer Machine Teflon Sealing 30cm Wrap

Twitter: @Deals_711z

@hextopp @FartToContinue The accounts were wrapped in plastic wrap, tortured, dissected, and dumped in the Atlantic.

Twitter: @ljenkins314

... but trying to wrap hair in plastic so it can "soak in" makes me feel like I failed Traditional Femininity 101. Not getting better at it.

Twitter: @Cantras