Topic: Poison Pill
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Poison Pill on twitter
@AnnCoulter Amnesty is the "poison pill" to Rubio's campaign.

Twitter: @p_dooper

RT @GoreVidaI: The best way to counteract the effects of the music video poison pill is to get people to read the lyrics.

Twitter: @canisgallicus

@AG_Conservative @crimsontide0610 While Cruz talked for 13 hours about stopping O'care, Rubio inserted the poison pill to start death spiral


Lmao why is p playing w and after pill box where she find it talking about mommmmma

Twitter: @Mixed_Poison

@lij444 Karl Rove is a poison pill... #justsayin

Twitter: @OnalaskaGarry

@Stop_The_EU That "Poison Pill" Ted Heath knew at the time what the Common Market was going to turn into, he lied and today's "Ins" lie!!!

Twitter: @akforty57