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Quan talking too much about I don't know what but makes the point that $12.25 is still poverty level. Appreciate her saying that. #oakmtg

Twitter: @ProfCritic

Poverty Under Obama Rises to Alarming Level via @joewmiller #PJNET

Twitter: @Lileensvf1

An areas level of poverty or wealth may affect the distribution of cancer types

Twitter: @BrittanyLar3ay

"People think we’re not prioritizing, but it’s not that simple when you’re under the poverty level. "

Twitter: @tse2935

@BarryNMooch Oh believe me I know. Here in the DC area that is already the case. 45k/year is poverty level here and they are not making that

Twitter: @APO_AE_01973

@seanhannity 2/3 of the world’s population lives under the poverty level. Each year 80 million are added to it (an ever supply of poverty).

Twitter: @ScottSu06199978

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