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How does @OfficeOfRG account for the level of Indian poverty after 6 decades of Congress rule in first place?

Twitter: @AadityaLive

We will change the level of the poverty line to bring people out of poverty #spendingreview

Twitter: @George0sborne

@kay_kopu Limpopo is the S.A province with the highest level of poverty, with 78.9% of the population living below the national poverty line

Twitter: @Sakile_Masilela

If u work 40+ hours a week u should not b living at poverty level

Twitter: @BlowMe_Hoe

@Forbes ....more children living below poverty level and this rag says economy is getting better...? Writers of this rag,jump in a deep hole

Twitter: @redhotsaycool11

@TPartyWoman @TheWinningWoman 4 in 5 Americans near poverty-level. Unequal "blessings".

Twitter: @LibertyIsALady

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