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In my line of work I converse with those in poverty and the mega rich. I more enjoy the poor. They have guilt free smiles.

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RT @NegarMortazavi: Iran poverty line is $1000/month. Minister of Labor says average worker makes $350/month. MT @MehrnazSamimi…

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And do you know the poverty line of Hong Kong? any family thts earning less than 1500USD is considered to be poor.

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RT @RaisetheRates: Welfare is $1000 below the Poverty Line via @raisetherates #WelfareFoodChallenge #bcpoli #Raiset…

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RT @mina_ysf: 90% of Gazans are living under the poverty line #ICC4Israel

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RT @livelovejlock: i like to eat my ramen noodles with chopsticks because it makes me feel like i'm actually above the poverty line.

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