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Check out our Trade Me account for some killer clearance deals! Prices slashed on Hitachi Power Tools New Zealand...

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@nyc311 & NYPD actually took care of the douchebags, and nobody's wrists got slit by power tools. I feel like a narc. A holiday quiet narc.

Twitter: @KevinKautzman

Hmmm... Girls, for Hearth's Warmming, get Daddy a drill. 'Kay? And I'm not talking power tools here.

Twitter: @mlp_ChaosKing

_zac_newton: Java Power Tools: Is IBM Waston Holiday Gift Prediction Right? @ CloudCnC

Twitter: @CloudataNow

@Pandaaaaa12 yes and the brand of power tools is called 'rahul and decker' the plague that wiped through britain in 1348 was the rahul death

Twitter: @jackrich13

RT @CTI_Coaches: In CTI training, it's the relationship that has the power, not the #coach. Learn more about Designed Alliance…

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