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prescription drugs are the gateway drug, not marijuana. but its ok because the doctor got you hooked, right?

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@drewmagary I hope to be a rich ass white NFL owner, who either deals prescription drugs or defrauds millions of people, in my next life

Twitter: @Andrew_G94

@AlexMills68 @APMarkLong of course. goes for some prescription drugs too. you can get a DWI for having legal drugs in your system

Twitter: @SigmundBloom

Got our prescription drugs, alcohol and #our beerguts now were ready for cotto #2014 @brookeehawley @jadenbrownn πŸΊπŸ’ŠπŸš¬

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Taking prescription or OTC meds? Check out Food and Drug Interactions #food #drugs #medicine #safety

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@TwanTargaryen LMAO forgot that man was addicted to prescription drugs!!!

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