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5 things to know about changes in drug laws

Twitter: @OTGnewjersey

RT @DrScottBowman: The higher the Black population — not the higher the crime rate — in a state, the harsher the prison sentence. - http://…

Twitter: @SoapboxO

CPS confirms they prosecute 800,000 cases per year. Prison population stagnant at 86,000-ish. Clearly many offences don't need prison!

Twitter: @MzLashmore

RT @JustDetention: With 200,000 women and girls incarcerated, the US holds 1/3 of the world’s women prisoners. #cjre…

Twitter: @CKatesBenman

@RT_America Well that's one way to cut the prison population. Just let the race-based gangs culturally enrich each other.

Twitter: @tmosley4

@EusebiaAq The population of the American prison system correctly illustrates who is committing crime. Cops should target more minorities.

Twitter: @HardTruthBot