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RT @TheSharona06: Being new on Twitter is what I imagine the first few days spent in general population of a prison must feel like.

Twitter: @juneohara65

@Bloviate_Barbie @TitoJazavac @marina_b612 US white population: 78% US white prison population: 59% I wonder why?

Twitter: @1stClown

@RZA key issues like prison over-population, legalization of herb, net-neutrality, civil rights, police murdering our youth...we need change

Twitter: @VictorVaughn88

RT @MarkHillerWBRE: Pike County Prison warden to decide if #Frein is incarcerated with general prison population or isolated.

Twitter: @JoeSantos5150

RT @DGSpitz: US is home to 4% of the world population and 25% of the #prison population... Da Fux! via @9GAG

Twitter: @aquininuk

RT @NatCounterPunch: 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged, leaving 1/3 of Gaza’s population homeless. http:/…

Twitter: @MAXIM_MLA