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@ClennieB not big at all, we make a healthy amount (well into five figures), but save/use on travel/production costs.

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Our differential: Lower production costs by 80% and compatibility with publishers, networks and media exchanges #DemoParty7

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It's no choice: "#China must integrate #enviro costs into its production cost." - @World_Wildlife's Tao Hu:

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@WoodWurq The reason behind the discontinuance is that there was not enough demand to justify the production costs, time, labor, etc.

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@dkastner @urbanophile Good points, technology will keep evolving and cars aren't going away soon. If you go with production costs gas wins

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@pjb2go @oilinvestorlanc @Hometradingpro in 2009 production costs avgd $65 now $75 price was $32 intraday 09 ..don't c much lower

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