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We can now report Guardia Civil crimes online,theft, lost/found property,criminal damage & robbery & 3days to call in & confirm & sign.

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@jaypsyd Vandalism, property crimes, basically crimes driven by immaturity might learn some lesson from public shaming.

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$0.00- $5,000 property crimes non-violent;2to12 years in prison. Cost on tax payers $75,000 to $420,000 to house this non-dangerous person

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@TheLastVigil @DaisyHear What's barbaric is stealing others' property Did education stop theft,violent crimes in San Fransisco or Italy? No

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@IDTheftSupport You see that small crime of the wrongful caveat leads to the bigger crimes of property theft. Interesting isn't it?

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In Colorado, property crimes decreased by 14%, and homicide rates were down by 67%.

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