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youngest psychology professor ha #prt

Twitter: @melorh

Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at the University of B.C., worked to compile global evidence that no ma

Twitter: @tukajegizuvyqu

Lol 😂 So every woman is psychic, psychology majors and/or telepathic apparently. Professor X would love you. #Astrology #WomansIntuition

Twitter: @Skrill_Dilly

As a College Psychology Professor, I have taught THOUSANDS of Students about Human Behavior, etc. Let me teach YOU!!

Twitter: @BevKnoxFabulous

Looking for my old Harvard psychology professor, B.F. :) @ Temecula Wine Country

Twitter: @DrVogelmann

Did you know? Anxiety disorders can often lead to addiction issues.#anxiety #mentalhealth #addiction

Twitter: @apexbhdearborn