Topic: Public Safety
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Public Safety on twitter
PO3 Ramonito Zambas,conducted info drive regarding community awareness on public safety & ISO matters to employees

Twitter: @BinuanganMps

Plaintiff in D.C. Gun Carry Victory Speaks, Defends Public Carry as a Matter of Personal, and Public, Safety @reason

Twitter: @martinekdahl

BBC News - UK to allow driverless cars on public roads #altcc14 imagine the freedom and safety for some elderly

Twitter: @Yeo_kat

RT @A5H0KA: MUST WATCH: HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR explains how Nazi public safety #guncontrol laws resulted in genocide #NJ2AS #PJNET…

Twitter: @johnnyreb1864

Mousse carbonation safety rail makes thine public hospital effort productive: bonMHp

Twitter: @AdamsonJessica1

syracuse public safety cops are such a joke omg

Twitter: @PeteWoytowich