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News Flash: #ShadyChef has never played the Race Card! #Utopia #UtopiaLive

Twitter: @robbertollini

RT @GravelCrush: Got my new cap card in today. Quality has Definitely improved. Hope to see you guys tonight when me and @Bird650tv race lu…

Twitter: @enraggedhippo

So tired of the race card,you're black, I'm white,doesn't make us bad either way.Just puts a wall between us. #stopit #itmakesyouvulnerable

Twitter: @FaithUnedited

@BBCNEWS,Don't start with this White Leader appointed in Zambia.Guy Scott is Zambian & has been the VP of our Country.#No race card n Zambia

Twitter: @kunta02

@LatedebateRTE @keeffe_john of course the best way for people to avoid the race card is not to be racist! #latedebaterte

Twitter: @Bertfar

"Don't try to pull that race card on me. I give money to Colin Powell!" LMAOOO

Twitter: @PSLoveKc