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RT @NRO: 'Obama’s Whistling Lap Dog': Eric Holder plays the race card yet again.

Twitter: @Centrecut

@Bujdos94 always the race card

Twitter: @tonipaglio

Black people always pulling the race card “@Coachfuzz: @DC_Sports_fan because people hate on Floyd! Esp none African Americans! Lol haters”

Twitter: @Lexx82

@mikandynothem @nowiknowmyabcs Race card again I guess it has nothing to do with the fact that Bush shows his love & respect for our heroes

Twitter: @louise_rios

Race card will always be played like a broken record - its the only democratic defense against truth and undeniable facts! #Holder #IRS #BO

Twitter: @kates72

Photo: rocprinceray: White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”

Twitter: @lostinyourmusic