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@kal_luv we're only "playing victim" and "throwing the race card" when the points we make, make them uncomfortable. Quick bail out

Twitter: @zakiarai_

Obama Plays Race Card in India: ‘I’ve Been Treated Differently Because of the Color of My Skin’

Twitter: @DTeambanning

#DanicaPatrick #F1 2014 Redline DANICA PATRICK Pieces of the Action Triple Race-Used Card 52/75:… #NASCAR #Sport

Twitter: @Danica_Fans

Certain people play the race card @greggutfeld because they don't have a logical comeback.

Twitter: @stephedwards02

When in doubt... play the race card

Twitter: @Jandrostweets17

These petty ass oyinbos. Aren't Canadian oyinbos supposed to be nicer? This would be the best time to play the race card 😂

Twitter: @Numolu