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RT @JohnFromCranber: Corollary: Far Left Whites Who Play The Race Card W/out Substantiated Evidence of Such Have a DEEPLY Flawed Moral Comp…

Twitter: @Mysticeagle1

This nigga actually said "If I believe in the race card then it becomes real" as if racism is some religion we can dennounce

Twitter: @TOO_BLACK_

My dislike for Lee Daniels politics is really the main reason I haven't watched Empire.....His new comments on the "race card" don't help

Twitter: @TOO_BLACK_

RT @A_M_Perez: Sharpton fired? Maybe not. Initial reports may have been wrong. Maybe he played the race card! http:/…

Twitter: @_CFJ_

RT @AngryBlackLady: playin the race card smh RT @thinkprogress: REMINDER: This is what the gender wage gap looks like divided by race http:…

Twitter: @fran_snchz

RT @Barry_O44: @Doookss when you're morally bankrupt.... the race card is only thing accepted

Twitter: @Doookss