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On China's Formula E circuit, race cars burn rubber, not gas.

Twitter: @Autosports_Diva

Wergild cars outstandingness far out race car thoroughgoingness: ezGyNM

Twitter: @StevensonMacDon

Even though I grew up around race cars I still don't understand anything about cars. Oh whale 🐳

Twitter: @_alexus_ann_

Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win. - Enzo Ferrari

Twitter: @PaulaFoster54

And then Jordy gives a charismatic smile and says, "We don't make cars no more in Anderson Indianer but we still race em. We still wreck em"

Twitter: @cloptart

RT @shaw_some123: @KieganMonsrud @Linophile dam race cars

Twitter: @Cole_Johnson14