Topic: Rat Poison
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Rat Poison on twitter
Taste an buy rat poison

Twitter: @elmo_fresh

@michaelrp310 omg! i'm sorry but it's now time to find some rat poison for his beer. just kidding. no i'm not. yes i am. but my god...

Twitter: @SharonCullars

"I love you but right now your poison and im the rat, and I dont know how much longer my little heart can take"

Twitter: @cierrababyyy_

And if they like rat poison....

Twitter: @Teaux_Nee

@CraigJonesBitch want me to buy you some rat poison?

Twitter: @maddiecaldro

RT @cmilf80: "@CraigJonesBitch: When a girl talks about her shitting. I want to eat rat poison" yessss

Twitter: @CraigJonesBitch

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