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Reno on twitter
@JAMESTOSWOLL @Gymrat_spain80 @Rated_Gnarr let's go to Reno they have a whore house on the way

Twitter: @Jordann_J

“@Dino911_Reno: @SupaDupaChach we gone hit tf out that ho”

Twitter: @SupaDupaChach

Reno was just hella happy on the camera now when I see em I'm getting my ones

Twitter: @OTF_Nay

RT @ddlovato: What a great show tonight.. Reno you were amazing too!! And of course I miss Texas already!! Thanks for everything my #Lovati…

Twitter: @skyscrota

RT @HuffPostBiz: The pornographication of fitness needs to stop

Twitter: @YunGhana

Anyone in Reno wanna get lunch?

Twitter: @magggsrose

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