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@sophieeborga youre a bitch cuz i clearly texted you four times and no response but a tweet huh odd

Twitter: @charfieldarm

, but received little response," reported The New York Times's Juliet Macur and Nate Schweber.

Twitter: @AudriePott

Lol told my dad I flipped the 300 lb tire 4 times during my workout and his response "yep you are definitely my daughter" 😂😂

Twitter: @Wild_Westt

(does anyone have the response paper rubric) ( im honestly the most irresponsible student of all times ) :(

Twitter: @claudiaiaiaia

How many times has @TonyAbbottMHR finished his "response" to a Qn in The House only once someone raises a point of order... @Tony_Burke

Twitter: @Sammmw2

I ask myself every morning if I can get cute, and I get the same response 9/10 times ... no 😩

Twitter: @ashleyymonet