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Revenue Streams on twitter
1) Get a Budget 2) Make a quality product 3) Develop a Business Plan 4) Create a Marketing strategy 5) Tap into the various Revenue Streams

Twitter: @BMMGMT

@scottmurrell85 haha working with you guys at moment on some revenue streams to bring in the💰💰💰

Twitter: @DannyIreland7

DO you have too many ideas? How to keep your #multiple streams of #revenue organized? #WAHM #mommybiz #MomBlogger

Twitter: @zarstardesigns

RT @xArcky: A really interesting @gamasutra article on Ethan: Meteor Hunter and their revenue streams. A must-read for indies.…

Twitter: @JoanCenJim

@reedtimmerTVN what are your monetization plans for the site? You go into cost but don't disclose potential revenue streams.

Twitter: @smcguinness

RT @mims: 2015 is the year Facebook's revenue streams outside will take off, says Citi.

Twitter: @alezante