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@ben_blowers @AnonymouSS_2611 I'll be part of a rising if it gets house prices down... blame it all on the baby boomers ;)

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New research suggests a correlation between rising cigarette prices & a drop in the consumption of beer & spirits

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Be thankful to fb & gtalk, the way petrol prices are rising we may never actually see each other again in coming yrs !! Laugh Riot

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RT @nusconsulting: Rising shale output disrupts US gas prices: #FT

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@maxrogo @BenedictEvans There's no reason to think the prices would be ever-rising.

Twitter: @pmarca Rising share prices and a depreciating yen, as well as expectations of infrastructure being built ahead of the ...

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Rising Prices Books
Esperanza Rising
Pam Munoz Ryan, $3.48
Half of a Yellow Sun
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, $6.95