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Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding are apparently Britain's National dish! See other dishes from around the world:

Twitter: @BritishfoodBCS

Bell Pepper And Roast Beef Cake Tossed With Sizzling Veal Pie #уа #wedding

Twitter: @licydozesac

Roasted Pastrami And Roast Beef Oil With A Side Of Sea Urchin And Duck Gravy #уа #bitcoin

Twitter: @bixetuwopore

Yesterday's left over Roast Beef on a sandwich 👌 #perf

Twitter: @MissJJ87

Cod And Tangerine Gravy Topped With Sweet Yam And Roast Beef #уа #youtube

Twitter: @qimusukijuq

Scallop With Hot Roast Beef Jam #уа #by_

Twitter: @zuvuzuvypuduz