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Roller Coaster on twitter
It's a roller-coaster ride and I'm in the front seat.

Twitter: @xxtiqtiqxx

I haven't rode a roller coaster in a min but when I do I feel bad for that roller coaster ! Lmao ! Riding game stong

Twitter: @_countrygirl_22

RT @RozauraD_04: Now you got me twisted like an old beach roller coaster 💕

Twitter: @benavidez8_

RT @hrrygnyn: @HctimGram @M_Barbizzle42 @TheBluWombat ahhhhhh ride a roller coaster

Twitter: @M_Barbizzle42

@BaileyJayTweets its like a roller coaster ride for paranoid potheads.

Twitter: @Chaz_Lamborghin

RT @Jay_Rob10: Calculus and Physics have me on a roller coaster of emotions at the moment.

Twitter: @ayeeitskell