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RT @totalsratmove: If Google’s Beautiful “Year In Search 2014″ Doesn’t Take You On An Emotional Ride, You Might Not Be Sentient: http://t.c…

Twitter: @courtneyclack

@Niksmith_ i dont know really maybe maybe not, bit up n down were kinda like a roller coaster

Twitter: @bbbarbiebitch

Life a roller coaster, bitch it Glo round

Twitter: @RichHomieDread

Nobody gets a roller coaster named after them. You're more likely to walk on the moon.

Twitter: @rhurles

RT @_m_a_i_a_: 2014 has been a roller coaster🎢🎢

Twitter: @Izxyk_x

RT @TimDavis888: 💥"MARRIED TO MAGGIE is a 🌀ROLLER COASTER🌀 ride of emotions,love,heartache and discovery."💥 #romance…

Twitter: @onisha