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How do you know you're in love? It's when the person hurts you more than once, & you're still running back to them..

Twitter: @TxC_Leonard

@BowTieConqueror *Clara arched her back a little, reaching a hand back into her Chin Boy's hair, running her fingers through it* You know-

Twitter: @OnALeafInTime

RT @addvance99: @Sierraawaterss I never said you gave it back and there was no running involved

Twitter: @Sierraawaterss

@Mercy_Fischer I'm alright too. *nods* Things have been busy at work with getting the private practice set up and running. You're back at~

Twitter: @Leo_Mellark

Kobes back but the Suns are running the show.

Twitter: @juanung1

BREAKING- The Baltimore Ravens have released running back #RayRice, after even ISIS members call the latest elevator vid

Twitter: @wosudocazeno