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Crabovich Had Better Check The Goal Line Formation And Pass It To His Running Back, John, Or This Team Is Not Gonna See A Super Bowl Win To

Twitter: @qicizuhywyp

RT @88sluke: #IfIHackedJustinsPhone tell selena to stop running back to him for immigration smh


Coming back strong after 2 week with a cold I just ran 5.00 mi @ a 10'00"/mi pace with Nike+. #nikeplus

Twitter: @grios_H

I've basically been running reception on my own for the past two weeks and tomorrow reception manager is back, phew!

Twitter: @inspireMEstrong

"Real talk tho, as soon as Ariana and Big Sean break up, we all know she's gonna go running back to Jai."

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I wanna be a running back or a receiver, idc 🏈🎀✨

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