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My cat suddenly came running, ears back, stops dead, looks round suspiciously & slowly walks out. Like he's tryin 2 catch me w/ another cat!

Twitter: @Pebbles0985

they have to pay back by becoming farmers and running the city. whereas the rockhampton people go to a bigger better city they could dreamof

Twitter: @haimdola2

There are some calculations running so assignments are not created. it'll be back working Today. System need...


RT @WrdTrvlr69: all my thoughts and writing, still to you, with you, about you, because of you and for you.. I keep running from you back t…

Twitter: @LonelyRaindrop

@Ritchie420 yeah I think we got that this year and with a reliable running back we got Jones-Drew a pretty good pick up I'm confident about

Twitter: @Saces21Louie

Finally back running miles in the 7.20's or less... Now to get my distance back #Nike #Nikeplus…

Twitter: @ChrisBenns