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•• hope you know the reason for that.' Saying this, she rolled her eyes, then chuckled. 'It's been called "safety reasons".' @HeroOfLant

Twitter: @HK_Granberia

meh. why my account always kenna lock due to safety reasons ._.

Twitter: @_KUPKUP

@justabitof_fun I live here, and always just assumed it was for safety reasons. Saw nobody had answered, was just trying to help...

Twitter: @kreachr

@SmadiPitni Loved that you mounted the challenge. I understand your reasons. Your safety and family are paramount. Nuff Love and Stay Safe.

Twitter: @kinteeth

Suzuran Yamauchi is so hot, she’s not allowed near flammable objects for safety reasons. #akb48Fact

Twitter: @AMORII_17

@nine30shineshop @Dale_Lamontagne This would obviously be more of an amateur level thing, for safety reasons...

Twitter: @GregBallochST