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RT @crkennedyhigh: A reminder: We do not allow costumes on Halloween during school for safety reasons.

Twitter: @therizwansidhu

The Ebola nurse who refuses to be quarantined needs to cool her jets. It's for safety reasons. Don't you have some Netflix to catch up on?

Twitter: @calliejoy

Is an individual employee more likely to report a hazard rather than a team? The answer may surprise you....

Twitter: @twojick

3 Reasons Hazards Go Unreported

Twitter: @twojick

On second thoughts I will actually report him to the police. For safety and security reasons.

Twitter: @LLynn_J

Why is Shane never wearing a shirt with buttons all the way down when I'm at a M&G?! 😭 oh well I guess it's for safety reasons! 😂😂

Twitter: @LindaSchou