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For Health & Safety reasons with new building, parents/minders are requested not to double park outside school to deliver pupils.

Twitter: @ransboro

My aunt once bought me a Battlestar Galactica ship for my birthday that got recalled for safety reasons AND MY DAD ACTUALLY RETURNED IT. -_-

Twitter: @scottEweinberg

Yeah, I'm hyping the south swell, but for safety reasons and stuff. I'm keeping my cool up here.

Twitter: @Waves_SF

RT @MeatAtlas: Russia shuts fifth McDonald's restaurant for "food safety reasons": via @ReutersUS

Twitter: @NnimmoB

“bring your gun to work day” was canceled for safety reasons, then somewhat confusingly, replaced with “bring your loaded gun to work day”

Twitter: @tarave11a

They're talking about S&M now. Apparently you need a check list for safety reasons #thepeopleofStarbucks

Twitter: @ForatheExplorer