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RT @HistoryNevada: Nov 21, 1980 MGM fire led to stricter fire regulations in Clark Co; Las Vegas Strip resorts among "safest anywhere." htt…

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Its #selfish virtue 2 ThinkAbout cost vs safety risk. Govt regulations ShortCircuit ThatProcess, forcing U2 buy safety features U don't want

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The Third Edge of the Sword: Why farms should never fall under Alberta Health and Safety regulations

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RT @GailBeckSouter: Uber is a taxi service. Taxis obey the law, so can UberX. Regulations 4 safety are never outdated. #TOpoli #Toronto htt…

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@AlexMWeekes @you_n_1st_place yep and I don't think those power sockets are in line with health and safety regulations! Smh 🔌

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【regulation】規則(名詞)Drivers should follow traffic regulations for their safety. [一覧] #toeic #英語 #英会話

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