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My new savings plan is sooo on point.. Saved 150% more than what I was in the past 6 weeks.. #Winning #WhatHolidays

Twitter: @MsAliciaRay2U

The cheaper approach is 'more prudent' than 'rushing out and doing something for the sake of doing it' - Dave...

Twitter: @odtnews

Last week, 1,015 Direct Plan accounts were opened through NY’s #529 College Savings Program. Are you planning ahead?

Twitter: @NYSComptroller

Registered Education Savings Plan - Tax Planning Guide

Twitter: @lbpersonalservi

@ProfLikeSubst @sciencegurlz0 Truth. Don't leave out the instrument maintenance plan...what seems like savings now kills productivity later

Twitter: @David_J_Thul

What You Need to Know About College Savings Plans

Twitter: @schoolcompare