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RT @RudeComedian: Girls at my school when it starts raining

Twitter: @relax_stephanie

“@StudentSectlons: I'm going to the wrong high school 😳😳”Those girls look like their about to break their necks😳😂

Twitter: @Katysierra_12

RT @ThisDopeKid: I can't even escape from school and I see on the news people escaping from jail.

Twitter: @audreymendez22

(reads 32 chapter fanfic in one day after not reading anything not for school in over a month) nice

Twitter: @therealryouko

RT @BlizzGetsBizz: White kids at school be like "Enoughs enough"

Twitter: @CarlMejia_

RT @StudentSectlons: My school’s student section be like... |

Twitter: @_CodyWallace_