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Miley Cyrus: MARRIED to Patrick Schwarzenegger!? - Miley Cyrus is... #GossipCop #LifeStyle #PatrickSchwarzenegger

Twitter: @GossipGawker

(VERIFIED) @JakeT_BA preppies clique - Jake Ts with patrick schwarzenegger with count me in face claim. Welcome to Bullworth Town!

Twitter: @bullworthcrp

@andoos23 @JihadistJoe @factfinder123 isn't that quote from "Commando" w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Twitter: @jprather17

EXCLUSIVE: Arnold Schwarzenegger Seen Christmas Shopping

Twitter: @NP_Celebrities

@guardian @LeoDiCaprio @guardianeco @algore @Schwarzenegger Why are we still fighting for OIL when HEMP is a FOSSIL FUEL. Why?

Twitter: @CJRain1

@guardian @LeoDiCaprio @guardianeco @algore @Schwarzenegger We need 150,000 Troops in Africa right meow to stop FGM, Ebola, War, etc.

Twitter: @CJRain1