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A FRIEND: "Some say that 18 Sept. united Scotland, but I disagree. It was the 19th when we really started to help each other off our knees."

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A Soviet map of Edinburgh from 1983 - one of many fascinating maps of city in new book

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Annual Fairtrade Bazaar Saturday 29th November, 10.30-3pm Town House City of Inverness, Highlands of Scotland

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@boylondon1748 haha i m not allowed to travel in my city, u talkng abt scotland ? #25btStillAkiD #Nopassport :-P

Twitter: @MissNaahid

@Gildy55 Was very windy here in Scotland, and we just had a wee snow shower. Winter's here!

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Cant wait to be in scotland just for a big mac and large iron bru from maccies 😍

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