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Scotland (Gaelic: Alba, Scots: Scotland) is a nation in northwest Europe and one of the four constituent countries"Welcome 10 Downing Street. The website of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which refers to "Countries within a country", stating "The United Kingdom is made up of four countries: England,...
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RT @YesVoteScots: Russell Brand believes that Scotland should be Independent and gives a great breakdown of the debate.…

Twitter: @LiveLoveCeltic

RT @theintelligiser: 200 business leaders sign up to say Yes to independence | Herald Scotland #indyref #VoteYes #Bi…

Twitter: @joyce_burnett

"@rishibagree: These underwater turbines will generate energy for 175,000 homes in Scotland!

Twitter: @AmitShahenshah

#Yes campaign talk about a fairer Scotland where our resources will benefit us. Better Together obsess about unfounded business implication

Twitter: @RafaelMac7

@neiledwardlovat @2014_Scotland Reminds me of the old notion of 'how many employees you had under you' the bigger your position.

Twitter: @iclare1 Could a high turnout mean that Yes Scotland need to reach further to win? (It's currently most popular no bet)

Twitter: @chicgibson

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Diana Gabaldon, $5.55
Dragonfly in Amber (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon, $4.56
Macbeth (Folger Shakespeare Library)
William Shakespeare, $1.85
Voyager (Outlander)
Diana Gabaldon, $7.86
The Daughter of Time
Josephine Tey, $7.80