Topic: Seat Belts
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Seat Belts on twitter
Taking your bear for a ride? Seat belts a must. Safety 1st #jeepers jeepers

Twitter: @THEJeepMafia

@Lonestarmomcom @JeffMusk @NancyCakeFace Does it have seat belts?!

Twitter: @AuntBEA53

What's with people slipping seat belts over their head rather than putting them on properly, it can't be legal? @MPSRTPC

Twitter: @utchard

Oh dear, fasten your seat belts.

Twitter: @cartwrightpg

RT @Just_Lungelo: Always have condoms. Even if you don't plan on using them. A car without seat-belts is unsafe.

Twitter: @Fo_Olish

I'd rather my kids have seat belts on the bus than wi-fi. #wtf

Twitter: @KristinVandeloe